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Eryk Wdowiak

Welcome to, a personal website, where I share my research and my photography.

My recent work explores low-resource NMT as we develop Tradutturi Sicilianu – the first neural machine translator for the Sicilian language – from the translations published by Arba Sicula.

And at Napizia, we're also annotating the language with grammar, poetry, proverbs and prose. You can search our collection with the Trova na Palora tool.

My phone is also my computer, which makes it a wonderful productivity device. I described it in my notes about how to install Debian on Android.

I am an economist who has written about how the minimum wage affects the job opportunities available to workers across the United States. And I have also written about the effect that the "Biagi Law" had on Italian workers.

In the past, I collected data on home mortgage defaults and transmitted that data to non-profit counselors. Prior to that, I analyzed a case-management partnership to help social workers achieve better outcomes for their clients. And for students, I wrote the economics lessons at Check out my OLS lesson.

I invite you to read more about me and check out my language projects at Napizia. To get in touch with me, please send me an email. And while you're here, I also invite you to take a tour of Pizzo Calabro and Palermo. Thanks for visiting!