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Hurricane Sandy

Expedition to Coney Island

The water is getting deeper ... ... on Ocean Parkway.
Red Flag Warning
Eryk takes the waves. Coney Islanders will forever have ... ... sand in their shoes.

The Storm

a world thrown upside down

The Aftermath

the oldest tree
Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz My friends all drive Porsches Mercedes-Benz
ConEd is on it the Shore Hotel
flooded out
wasteland beach
torn from their home Grandma and Grandpa's deck Hugs-n-Kisses
their porch
Coney Island
Wonder Wheel and Saturn 6
Ride the Cyclone!
the Cyclone

The Tide Goes Out

the tide goes out
the Wonder Wheel
Coney Island USA presents
Freaks Alive Inside
She speaks 7 different languages The Mermaid Parade Your handwriting reveals your character
Weird Women
the Wonder Wheel

Relief Arrives

food supplies reach Coney Island
All Coney Islanders have sand in their shoes. Once it gets in it, it never gets out.

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