SSH Login on ConnectBot

The previous page explains how to set up SSH login without password from your desktop computer. This page explains how to set up passwordless login on ConnectBot.

After opening the ConnectBot app, tap the menu key and select "Manage Pubkeys."

At the next screen, tap the menu key again to generate a pair of authentication keys -- remembering to leave the password field empty. You may also wish to select the "Load key on start" option at this time. If you do, ConnectBot will automatically load your key when it starts. If you do not, you will have another opportunity to add this convenience later.

After tapping the "Generate" button, you generate entropy for the keys by swiping your finger around a purple box for a few seconds.

Once the pair of keys is generated, click on the RSA key to unlock it. Then hold the RSA key until a menu appears; at that menu, select "Copy public key."

Now log into your account (entering your password one last time) and add the RSA key to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

d$ mkdir $HOME/.ssh

d$ cd $HOME/.ssh

d$ echo $RSA_KEY >> authorized_keys

Then, the next time you use ConnectBot to login, you will not have to enter your password.

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