AnX11 Phone Project

further reading

  • Gael Perron, "Linux Installer"
    • the first Debian installer on Android Market (now Google Play).
    • uses the classic chroot method of installing Debian on Android
  • Sven-Ola Tuecke, "Debian Kit for Android."
    • bind-mounts Debian to the root of the Android file system (i.e. does not use chroot)
    • gives Debian full access to the Android file system
  • Mikael Q. Kuisma, "Integrating GNU/Linux with Android the Matrix Way"
    • instead of running Debian in a chroot, Kuisma runs Android in a chroot
    • during the device's initialization process:
      • Debian is mounted Debian first
      • then Debian transfers control to the chroot'ed Android
  • Guardian Project, "Lil' Debi"
    • classic chroot and then mounts Android partitions in Debian space
    • Debian user sees a fusion of both Debian and Android systems
  • Anton Skshidlevsky (meefik), "Linux Deploy"
    • classic chroot method
    • offers a wide selection of GNU/Linux distributions


  • Debian
    • GNU/Linux operating system
    • has supported the ARM processor (in most phones and tablets) since 2000
  • CyanogenMod
    • open-source operating system based on Android
  • SkoleLinux
    • provides a subset of Debian pre-configured for educational networks
    • identifies open-source software suitable for use in schools (among other goals)

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